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Laura waxing Orontes 2 on a beautiful Houston morning

Laura waxing Orontes 2 on a beautiful Houston morning.  Look at that shine!

Now that our Captain’s exams are behind us, we can get back to the business of preparing Orontes 2 for cruising.  We are asked all the time if the boat is ready, and if not, why not?  It is hard to imagine what we are doing all this time.  Remember, we sailed the boat 5000 miles to get her to Texas, so she can’t be in TOO bad of shape, right?

Well, most of what we are doing is improvements or upgrades to make her easier to live on.  As an example, we recently added blue LED lighting for the cockpit when entertaining.  These are too bright for use underway, but add ambiance when having friends over for dinner or drinks.  Yesterday, I built a teak rack for the shower to hold soap, shampoo, etc.  Until now, these bottles sat on the floor of the shower, and had to be stowed when we were underway.  With this rack holding everything securely, the bottles can sit there snug as can be while we are sailing.

We are in the process of improving storage by removing the nonworking washer/dryer combo and converting the area to a large pantry.  This area will have three large drawers on heavy duty slides.  The first drawer is sized to fit our Tupperware canisters and will hold lots of dry goods.  The second drawer is just taller than your typical tin can, and it will hold only canned goods.  The third drawer is for screws,  nuts, bolts, and other hardware.  Below this is an area large enough to hold our small vacuum cleaner and my most-commonly used tool bags.  This project will really make it easier to stow (and find!) things.  The best part is that a lot of this stuff is stowed right now in other places, so creating this new storage space will free up other areas on the boat that are full right now.

These are typical projects for us.  The rest of our “to-do” list is full of similar projects.  Some are quick and easy and others not so much so.  We are making good progress and are on track for leaving Houston for Florida during January.  Our actual departure date will , depend on weather.


2 thoughts on “Back to boat work

  1. Wax on….Wax off…..geeez….take a break and wait for cooler weather…wait, this is Texas…never mind…proceed on to waxing….she looks beautiful….and so does the boat…haa….enjoy… the way….your baby is garage kept and doing very well….The Escalon’s.

    • Howdy, Great to hear from you!! Now we are getting a ton of rain so glad I got that job out of the way! Thanks for the compliments!! I’ll take them any day!! LOL!! Thanks for letting me know my baby is OK!
      It’s amazing how often I still look for her in the parking lot!! Take care and enjoy every day!!

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