Marina Smir, Morocco, October 11, 2016

Today we took a taxi from the marina to Tetouan, Morocco.  One of Steve’s favorite stories is riding along with our driver and tour guide in the front seat.  When the phone rings, the driver talks in Arabic for a few minutes and then turns to Steve and says “It’s for you!”  We were dumbfounded!!  Turns out the caller just wanted to get us to reserve a taxi with him tomorrow for another tour!!  LOL! Arrival in Tetouan, one of the 2 major ports on the Mediterranean Sea, 40 miles ESE of Tangier, with about 380,000 inhabitants.  Arabic is the official language, majority religion is Islam.  

The tanneries here turn the hides of cattle, sheep and goats into rich leather, which is crafted into handbags, luggage, shoes, belts, etc.  Yes, there is an overwhelming stench! Views from the upper walls before we got to the markets.  The medina (old town) is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, filled with homes, craftsman selling their wares and lots of tourists!   Here you can pick the chicken you want for dinner tonight and have it killed and plucked here or take it home to do yourself (below)! Then we walked and drove around the city! Then back to the marina area! A very interesting day!  AND NO, we do not speak any Arabic!


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