One step closer to being Captains

Laura and I both studied hard for our exams, and it paid off. We both took exams to be licensed captains and passed.  We took exams for our “six pack license” (allows us to take up to six paying passengers, our Masters upgrade (this will be a 25, 50, or 100 ton license, depending on what the Coast Guard thinks we are entitled to) and an endorsement for Sailing.

In all, it was six exams to take.  We both did well and are very happy to have this milestone completed.  We still need to fulfill the administrative requirements (physical exam, drug test, CPR course, etc.) and then send a big packet of completed forms to the Coast Guard for processing.  So we are still a few months away from being official “captains”.

But the exam is by far the largest of the hurdles, and we are now past it!

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