Sao Jorge pictures, Azores, July 2015

We took a ferry over to Sao Jorge to sightsee with Geoff and Marie.  Every island has unique features and some similar.  We have enjoyed all the ones we visited!


Approaching Velas, Sa Jorge by ferry.




Caldera off coastline to west of Velas


20% grade Road to small boat marina

DSC06697 “Sao Jorge“, Main church in Velas.


Dragon sculpture with moat in front of main church.


Pavilion in Central Park


Huge fern in park


Arch near tide pool


DSC06682DSC06690 Mosaic in walkway to overlook.

DSC06650Steve after hike to Pico da Esperanca, another volcanic caldera.

DSC06653Caldera in center of island



A great place to visit!!

2 thoughts on “Sao Jorge pictures, Azores, July 2015

  1. Hello Laura & Steve!
    It’s great to read your blogs, looks like y’all are having a good time. Thanks for the projects update, gives us lots to think about.
    We have been racing Owl on the bay over the last few months, doing ok may I add..especially when we get 15+ knots true. I’m in conversation regarding retirement, so maybe looking at a 2016 departure from Seabrook. When do Geoff and Marie get back home? Looking forward to catching up with them..
    All the best…and fair winds!
    Bill & Audrey
    S/v Owl

  2. Bill and Audrey,

    I hope the retirement plans work out in your favor. If so, cruising is a great way to spend your days. As far as racing goes, I’m sure you are doing very well. A little wind is all you need!
    Thought about you a few times while out here. In Horta we had an older model sister ship to you tied up on the wall behind us. Seen a few more H/R 47’s along the way.
    We also had a crew from the Royal Cork Yacht Club rafted up to us for a few nights. Had a lot of fun with them!
    Let me know when you start thinking about upgrades or equipment replacements. I can at least tell you what has worked for us.

    Fair Winds!

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