Columbian Naval Ship, Horta, Azores, July 2015

DSC06719 DSC06717

This is the tall ship “Gloria”, a 76 meter (228 foot), Columbian naval training vessel from Cartagena, which came into Horta for a brief visit and provided free tours, which we thoroughly enjoyed. They sail all over the world, training 60-70 cadets for 1 year.  It is considered an honor for officers to get time on this ship.  As you can see, her flag is huge!


Walkway to get on ship.  The cadets were polishing the bronze above while we toured.

DSC06715 Mariana, in her dress whites, was our tour guide, chosen to work on her English with us!  She finishes her 4 year service in about 1 year, and says she will return to Columbia to work.


Coils of lines, on every mast!


The cadets whip the ends of every line on this ship to keep them from fraying.  They use twine in 3 colors to match the colors of their flag, as above.  Our whipped lines do not look like this on Orontes II!!  LOL!

DSC06737 DSC06731

This is the “Gloria” leaving Horta.  It is a tradition that the cadets line the yardarms on entry and departure to wave and sing their national anthem.  Their attire again matches their flag’s colors!

They were in this position for at least an hour as they left the Horta marina area!

We enjoyed this opportunity to tour their ship, of which they were obviously VERY proud.  Steve also bought a t-shirt and some very good rum (VERY hard to find in Portugal!)

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