Horta, Faial, Azores Pictures, 2015


DSC06354Horta bay/marina area.  The bigger ships dock on the inside of the outermost piers, and the ferries come to the dock at the bottom of this picture.  We were docked to the right of the sailboats in the center that were anchored.


Church along a roadway


Our boat rafted next to a French boat and this was their darling son on board in the cockpit!!


Airing out the mattresses and bedding in Horta.  Nice sunny day gets some of the dampness out from the prior rains we had.  Our deck is almost level in this picture with the dock.


In this picture, you can see the tidal change, about 2-4 feet twice a day, so we had to climb off the boat to the dock!

DSC06482View of downtown Horta from the main church we attended.  Very easy to walk anywhere in Horta, but mostly up and down hills!

DSC06560The clock tower in Horta, a landmark.


Geoff and Marie on one of our walks around Horta, showing steep incline of street down to sea level.


Steve working on mast during our stay in Horta.  Cruising has been defined as doing boat work in exotic places!!  LOL!!!


World War II Sentry box found on one of our hikes to a caldera.

There are numerous hikes, places to sightsee and things to do on Horta!



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