Botanical Garden in Horta


DSC06507 We walked about 2 miles from marina in Horta to the area’s Botanical garden.  Some of these plants were along the way, most in the gardens.  Apparently there are 70 plants native to Faial, and over 900 are “invasive” or transplants from elsewhere.  The hydrangeas were apparently brought over and started by the Japanese about 150 years ago.  The above tree is a huge Dragon tree.

DSC06512 DSC06520 Bridge over creek bed in Gardens.DSC06523Holly endemic to AzoresDSC06529 Forget me notsDSC06531 DSC06535 FuchsiaDSC06536 CamelliaDSC06538 Begonia’s growing in volcanic rockDSC06540 OrchidDSC06541 OrchidsDSC06542 Orchid

DSC06544 DSC06548 Invasive tropicals in garden pool area


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