Wall art in Horta, Faial, Azores, 2015

Well, we are at it again!  Here is our wall art in Horta, Faial.  This insignia is a similar design as to what we have on our mainsail, so we are using it as our “Trademark”!!



Geoff and Marie!


DSC06492 Our “Trademark”!!

Wall art that follows is from the many found on any available wall space in the area!  They even use rocks to draw their masterpieces on!

DSC06604 A boat with a TV series on travel (we met the couple and they were very nice!)  This is a link to their website so you can check them out.  http://www.distantshores.ca

DSC06605 DSC06606

DSC06603 DSC06607 DSC06608

Geronimo is a 70 ft sailboat, that is from St. George’s boarding school in RI and takes groups of kids sailing to different areas. Next groups sail to Barcelona, then Greece. We have enjoyed spending time with people on Geronimo.

DSC06609 DSC06819 DSC06821 DSC06822 DSC06823 DSC06825

DSC06610Everybody likes this Dory one!

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