Cruising on Orontes – 1997-1998

Our current boat is named Orontes 2 because there was another Orontes, a Moody 40 center cockpit.  We bought her in 1996 and cruised the Caribbean in 1997 and 1998.  Cory was 14 and Christy 4 during this time.  Laura and I took sabbaticals from our jobs, or as I said, took a “weather leave”.  In other words, I was leaving weather (sic) they said yes or no.

When we were cruising, things were quite a bit different from now.  First, we were novice sailors.  We learned quick, but made a lot of mistakes.  Second, we had kids on board. That makes a ton of difference, and almost all of it good.  Cruising with children really opens doors for meeting people. Third, there was no internet to speak of.  We actually wrote letters on out laptop, printed them, and MAILED them from wherever we were.  A lot of times we met people who were in the Caribbean on vacation, and we would ask them if they would carry mail for us and mail it when they returned home.  This was a lot faster than than using island postage services!

I was requested to post those old letters on this blog.


Here are the letters we sent home to our family:

1 Bahamas

2 Dominican Republic

3 Dominican Republic

4Dominican Republic

5 Haiti

6 Puerto Rico BVI

7 BVI St Croix

8 St Croix to St Lucia

9 St Lucia to St Barts

10 Culebra turtle watch



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