Whaling regatta in Horta, Faial, Azores

DSC06471 The Whaling regatta was held in the area between Faial and Pico, but began near our marina.  The whaling heritage is still strong here, so the boats have been restored for sport, and the hunting has been replaced with whale watching.   Whaling in this area stopped in the 1980’s.

DSC06472 Crew person on far right actually holding the tiller, no motors during these races. The crew in central area used oars to reach towing area.

DSC06473Congregating in Horta marina areaDSC06477Starting to line up for raceDSC06479 They are being towed behind each other to the starting area.

DSC06480Still being towed but once sails are up and boats in position, the tow is dropped, they sound the horn and they are off.  The last 2 boats had terrible wind advantage and looked like they gave up and just sailed around without actually ever getting in the race.  Apparently it is a sails only race!  Fun to watch!

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