Trip to Palermo, Italy, August 11, 2016

On this trip, we took a bus to Seville, Spain, and spent the night in Seville before our flight to Palermo on the 10th.  Actually, it was a train from Seville to Madrid, flight from Madrid to Rome, flight from Rome to Palermo, then taxi to hotel!  Yes, we had a long, tiring day of travel!!

Our Bed and Breakfast the next day, August 11th, served us the most delicious ricotta croissants (called cornettos) we have had in Italy!  As David’s family (Tamra, Tanner and Trent) would not arrive until late on the 12th, we were off to take our first walk around Palermo! Above is “Nautiscopio”, artwork by Giuseppe Amato, 2009, described as “realized utopia, a home/observatory rotating above the sea and city”, designed on the beach of south pier, with a sign clearly saying no swimming!! Above and below is “Castello a Mare”, the ruins of this castle by the sea!We then walked to the very nice Palermo Botanical Garden (Orto botanico di Palermo), which also has a research and educational department for the University of Palermo. Then back to walking around the city towards our bed and breakfast.  Below is the marina nearest us, but it was expensive, limited in showers and bare essentials, with dirty water, so we decided this would not be a place we would come back to visit with Orontes II!We pass many churches in Italian cities and towns.  Above is Chiesa di S. Anna and below is Chiesa di S. Francisco D’Assissi.  Some are open for visitation. Our first night in Palermo was over, except for trying new dishes!!




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