Straits of Gibraltar!

We really have to say this was one of our most surreal experiences!!  After all the years of dreaming, planning, saving, working on the boat, planning and charting courses, working on the boat some more, sailing and more dreaming, WE WERE FINALLY IN THE STRAITS!!   It was a phenomenal experience!  At this point, we even agreed, we had definitely completed our crossing of the Atlantic!! Above are the Atlas Mountains in northern Morocco, Africa.  Yes, there were quite a few ships in the straits, but westbound ships stay on the African side of the straits and eastbound on the European side.  Pleasure boats like ours stay closer to shore and definitely out of their way.  We still check in and out with the Gibraltar Ship Traffic Controller, so they know we are there!  Below is one of the ferries crossing the straits from Spain to Morocco!Above, finally a view of the ROCK of Gibraltar!!  Almost there!!

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