Gibraltar!! August 5, 2016

We finally arrived in Gibraltar today, so had to celebrate!!  We berthed (called “stern-to”, as Steve backs into the slip and we exit from the stern of our boat to shore) to the left of the former cruise ship below (now a floating casino/hotel). The Rock of Gibraltar is to the right of the ship!  In European Union (EU) countries, all non EU visitors have a 90 day visa limiting your stay in the EU countries.  Gibraltar was our exit area out of the EU, so we stayed here almost 2 months, getting our EU visa back!The celebratory dinner below lasted us 4 MEALS and yes, we tried to walk off ALL those calories!!Gibraltar’s size is 2.6 square miles with 7.5 miles of shoreline.  Their airport runway must be crossed to get to the city of Gibraltar, once you enter the country from Spain (walking or vehicular), or leaving the airport terminal.  Flights are occasional, so you walk across the runway when the lights are green, OR wait for the jets to pass when the lights are red and chains are up to keep you out of the way!  YES, the jets are loud, but we rarely had a flight after 10 PM.  Closest we have ever lived to a runway though!!Some beautiful sunsets overlooking the bay of Gibraltar towards the coast of Morocco! Interesting artwork near the shops in Gibraltar! There is a lot of military history here, even for such a small area, but it had a VERY strategic location, that lots of countries wanted and apparently still do!

More Gibraltar pictures after our trip to Palermo, Sicily, Italy to see Steve’s brother David, wife, Tamra, and their sons, Tanner and Trent!


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