Sightseeing in Lisbon 2016

While getting the mast work complete, we did take some time to sightsee around Lisbon again! ┬áLoved the murals they applied to the trains that took us around! Above, enjoyed meeting new friends, the Hall family, at St. Mary’s church in Sao Pedro do Estoril, and spending a wonderful evening over dinner and talking about travel and families!

Below, Steve and I celebrating when Portugal won the European Soccer Cup!!!Above, Sculpture at Vasco da Gama Plaza area, a major tourist and shopping area.

Below is the beachfront property the bow of Orontes II overlooked when we were in the boatyard!!! Above are pictures from one of the Botanical Gardens and below, one of the Natural History Museums in Lisbon. More pictures from one of the archaeological museums. Steve replacing the head on one of the broken statues!Lisbon was a wonderful place to visit with lots of history, great people, culture, reasonable prices and memories!

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