Tour of Horta

On July 3rd, we drove around the island of Faial as pure tourists!  Our first stop was getting pictures of the view of the Horta marina, where we are staying at the present time.  The marina is much bigger then Flores, with ferry and large ship traffic in the outer piers.  Very crowded marina, often requiring “Rafting” up next to another boat (boats side by side).  We chose not to anchor in the center for ease of getting around town.


We then drove to the “Caldeira do Faial”, a vast crater in the center of the island which is the extinct volcano from which this island originated.  It was surrounded in mist from the clouds.

DSC06371 DSC06372 Mileage signs near caldeira.

DSC06379Topographic map showing picture with no mist in center of Caldeira.

DSC06403 ChurchDSC06409 Laura in front of HIGH hydrangea/flower hedge!


Black sand beach with great waves!


Laura on black sand beach.  VERY HOT to stand on with bare feet, but the water cooled that easily!


DSC06432 Lighthouse that was partially covered by volcanic eruptions in “Capelinhos” in1957-58.  The eruption added 2.4KM in area to this western area of the island and displaced 2000 people at that time.

DSC06437 Mid section of volcanic area with lighthouse in background.


East side of volcanic eruption.


West section of Volcano with small archDSC06462 Steve, at top of lighthouse, in front of trail we hiked directly behind him on volcanic ridge.

DSC06469At the end of our drive, this is the View of island of Pico, from coast of Faial, highest mountain in all of Portugal.

It was a very enjoyable day!

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