Flores is beautiful!

DSC06131Yesterday, we toured part of Flores by bus.  This is a beautiful garden with flowers lining all the walks.  Very well maintained and very little trash seen anywhere!!

DSC06162 Church facade in Santa Cruz. DSC06170These are hydrangea hedges that line the road and can be seen throughout the island, including hedges in the fields, planted in yards, towns, etc.  THEY are gorgeous!


Waterfalls in the distance.  There are numerous on the island.  Tomorrow we hope to sightsee to other parts of island and see more waterfalls, calderas and volcanic activity.

Check out this video:

We keep hearing these birds every night.  They have a call that is hysterical, and sounds like cartoon characters or somebody’s annoying ring tone and are so loud after dark!  They must nest on the cliffs right behind the marina, and they are much louder than this video.  The birds are also called Cory’s Shearwater or Cagarro.  OF COURSE, we have NOT teased Cory about the noise they produce!  LOL!!

God bless and enjoy your summer!  WE ARE!!!



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