Day of relaxing in French Quarter New Orleans

While the marina was working hard on painting Orontes II, April 22nd, we were banned from being on our boat!

We took the day off to explore the French Quarter area, so walked the river, toured the Farmers Market, hiked down Bourbon, Royal, Orleans, Toulouse and Decatur streets.  We enjoyed the art and music, especially in Jackson Square.  We prayed for our families and friends and for safe passage at St. Louis Cathedral.  We ate Cajun food, drank at Pat O’Brien’s and a few other bars, visited the Aquarium and enjoyed an IMAX movie on Humpback whales.  It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and people to watch!


New Orleans balcony                            St Louis Cathedral sanctuary


BBQ Shrimp                                            Captain Steve at Pat O’Brien’s


Seahorses                                                Cownose rays

photo-40Penguins in Aquarium!  We are not THAT far off course, YET!!

photo-42New Orleans street band, very good!

10 thoughts on “Day of relaxing in French Quarter New Orleans

  1. Great photos! Glad to hear that repairs are coming along nicely. How long are y’all in New Orleans for? Jeff and I are driving across tomorrow (Friday 24th) for the Jazz festival. Let us know if you’re still around!

    • Would love to see you all! We are in Ponchartrain Landing RV park, while Orontes II is on hard.
      Do you have our numbers? We can’t find yours as they are on boat!

  2. Hi guys.

    That first photo on the left, referenced by “balcony”, is where Chuck and I spent our honeymoon. I grew up in LaFourche Parish. New Orleans is one of the fine old cities of the world, and one of our favorite places.

    We are finishing things up on Freedom and, weather permitting, are set to head out on May 6th…to either Tampa or Key West. Would be great to see you all again. Any preliminary plans from here on out?

  3. thanks for the pictures …enough problems……
    glad you had a good time at the Jazz Vestival and Navy Ships…
    We had a short visit with Martha…Karen Looked so good…
    love and hugs Mom

  4. I’m so glad you guys are keeping up with your blog! I love reading about how you are doing and it looks like you are enjoying retirement (when you’re not busy working!!). Steve, please stop working Laura so hard, she needs to enjoy retirement. 🙂 Miss you both! Safe travels! -Micki

  5. Hi Laura, I can tell you are having a great time in New Orleans. Is the hotel in the picture called, Marie Antoinette? Bryan and I stayed there about 15 years ago.
    I got your card today, thank you for remembering my B-Day! I can’t believe its already May, the weather here has been so wonderful, cool mornings with warm afternoons, perfect for gardening, the flowers in my flower bed are all colorful and happy, lots of butterflies, love it, its my recreation! I will keep you in my prayers as you travel! I send you a big hug and a smile 🙂 Blessings for both you! Lots of love.

    • Great to hear from you!! This hotel must be special. Don’t know the name but you are our 2nd set of friends to have stayed there!! I picked a good picture!! LOL!!!Glad your gardening is going well. With all the rain it should be!!
      Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. God has truly blessed us with this opportunity!!
      Love you all too! ENJOY your birthday and month!
      Hugs, Laura

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