Day 16, Touring the Lakes district, June 6, 2016

Day 2 with the Willmer’s!  Hiking around Buttermere Lake and sightseeing!

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The Highland cow is a Scottish cattle breed with long horns, long wavy coats (multiple colors), raised for their meat, and very hardy in the cold winters of the UK.  They are also known as “Hairy Coos”.

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Clare’s friend, Sarah, was a delight and font of information on our hike around Buttermere Lake and to the Shale Mine!  She brought a few of her kids on the hike with us!!

DSC00685 DSC00691

Love seeing the reflections in the lakes!!


Honister Slate Mine is England’s only slate mine now, but began with quarrying in 1728.    It now produces roofing slate, tourist gifts and provides underground tours.

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A delightful day with friends!!

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