Anchored Bayou Black, LA

Happy Easter!

Well I guess I just never thought about it. We have not had wifi coverage since we left the marina, so my MacBook has had no internet access. I never even considered using Laura ‘s iPad to do blog updates, until I had an epiphany yesterday.  So, as long as we have cell coverage, I can continue updates.

We have been underway a little over a week now, making our way along the ICW from Texas to Louisiana. We passed through Morgan City and anchored a few miles later in Bayou Black.  Our plan was to wait here while a cold front (wind out of the north) blew through, and then continue to Florida on Monday.

This is a real pretty area, lined with trees and lots of wildlife. It just has not been kind to us.  While sitting here at anchor yesterday morning, that north wind blew a spud barge down on top of us.  It hit us pretty hard, initially on the port (left) side.  It then cartwheeled around the bow and hit the starboard side. It scraped all the way down to the stern while we tried to use fenders to keep it off the hull.  There is no apparent structural damage, but most of our boat needs to be painted. I am very happy to be a steel boat!

We called the Coast Guard and a passing tow boat relayed the message to his home office, who then called the dredging company who owned this barge.  A company rep came aboard to see the damage, take pictures, and give us contact info for the office that will handle our claim.  He w helpful and friendly, but made it clear that the folks we will be dealing with are in Risk Management.  His part would be finished after he turned in his report.  We will call them tomorrow and get this process started.

Until then, we are sitting at anchor, enjoying a quiet evening.  The genset is charging the batteries and making hot water for showers tonight. After I publish this update I will sit back with a drink and read a chapter or two of “A Game of Thrones”. This has been a good book so far and I am enjoying the chance to actually sit and read.  We have pork chops ready for me to grill for our Easter Dinner tonight.

Thanks for reading, and God bless you this Easter!



7 thoughts on “Anchored Bayou Black, LA

  1. I had not read your blog in several weeks. In the past that didn’t present a problem, however, lately you have been writing with a vengeance It took a few minutes to catch up. Good luck with the insurance companies “risk management” folks. They will probably try to get away with getting some local with a paint brush to come out and ” fix er up”. Their job isn’t to make you happy, their job is to get rid of your claim as cheaply as possible. Stay safe.

  2. Good luck with reading Game of Thrones. I’ve been reading off and on the last 9 months and only up to beginning of 4th book. Take care.

  3. Wow, it’s great to hear that you all have finally left for your trip. I enjoy reading your Ship’s log and living through your adventures. Take care and keep up with the updates. Charlie

  4. We are enjoying sharing in your adventure. Your Dad said maybe you could send us your link to “SPOT”. So we can follow your progress. Glad to see you following your dream!

    • Thanks for following us!! Please ask Gene to send you each email he gets from SPOT. Our list is full and he can send the email to anyone he wants. Best wishes!

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