Day 12, Conwy, Wales, United Kingdom, June 2, 2016

Started our day off at Conwy, Castle!  Begun in 1283, completed in 1287!  Amazing!  Estimated costs to build the castle and walls for Edward I were 15,000 pounds, which would be about 45 million pounds in today’s money.

DSC00460DSC00458DSC00455 DSC00453DSC00469 DSC00470DSC00472 DSC00483

The walls around the castle are quite thick and still seen around certain parts of Conwy, as seen above in both pictures.

DSC00474DSC00477DSC00480 DSC00484 DSC00486 DSC00518DSC00490 DSC00492 DSC00493 DSC00495 DSC00496 DSC00498DSC00499 DSC00500 DSC00502 DSC00503 DSC00504 DSC00505 DSC00506

Above are the 3 bridges crossing the Conwy River (as seen at low tide from the castle’s east Barbican, seen below):  the 20th century road bridge, Thomas Telford’s suspension bridge in the center and Robert Stephenson’s tubular railway bridge on the right.

DSC00508 DSC00509 DSC00510 DSC00512 DSC00520DSC00522 DSC00523 DSC00524

Above is the King’s head, drawn in space to capture the ghostly presence of Edward I.  Below are nesting birds around the castle!

DSC00487 DSC00488DSC00542 DSC00543 DSC00544 DSC00545 DSC00546 DSC00548 DSC00549DSC00557 DSC00558 DSC00562 DSC00563 IMG_0407 IMG_0408

Sights walking around Conwy:  Below the knight in Lancaster Square & the Knight Shop.DSC00534DSC00454DSC00535 DSC00536 DSC00537DSC00538 DSC00540 DSC00566

DSC00464 DSC00465DSC00550 DSC00552 DSC00568

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset, then had good ribeye steaks at our hotel.  Really enjoyed visiting Wales!  Lots to see, beautiful countryside, VERY friendly people!!



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