Catching up with photos

It’s Sunday evening and Laura and I are sitting in the salon catching up with correspondence and paperwork.  I found some recent photos I wanted to post, so here goes…

Bob and Steve mounting Autohelm

First,we have been making good progress mounting the AutoHelm wind vane.  The wind vane is a mechanical self-steering device, and will steer the boat under all kinds of weather and waves, without battery power.  The photo above shows a great friend, Bob Misasi and Steve mounting this unit.  Bob owns an immaculate and very babied sailboat, a Bavaria 38, and he took a large part of his Saturday to help me with this project.   It actually went very smoothly, and we had it mounted (and square!) in about five and a half hours.  If you look closely at the photo you will see I had the big hammer ready for final adjustments!

This was a dry fit, without sealant, so the next day, I removed the unit and painted the inside of the mounting holes with epoxy.  I will paint another coat of epoxy paint, and as soon as that cures it will be ready for final mounting.  This will be a big project to put behind us.

Bottom Job 2015bottom job 2015 - prop

Above are two photos of our recent haulout.  The bottom photo shows the boatyard guys doing final painting on the bottom of the keel before putting her back in the water.  The top photo shows her sitting in the travel lift ready for movement back to the water.  This is always the time of the most stress.  She is a heavy boat, and the boatyard crew does everything slowly and methodically to prevent accidents.  However, it’s still 30 tons of boat hanging from those slings and they need to move her about 150 feet to get back to the water.  You can see me nervously pacing around as they are moving her.  It’s always a great relief to see her floating again!

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