Day 7, Dover, England, May 28, 2016

Now on to Dover!  We chose to start with the Dover Castle, built in the 1180’s by Henry II, on the iconic white cliffs of Dover.

DSC00163 DSC00164 DSC00165 DSC00167

We arrived on World War II weekend with a 1940 display of WWII encampments and displays.

DSC00169 DSC00170 DSC00171 DSC00172

DSC00175 DSC00176 DSC00177 DSC00178 DSC00180 DSC00181 DSC00182

Henry II’s Great Tower



Bread bakery above and wine casks below!


DSC00193 DSC00194


Henry II’s grand throne and I was “Queen” for at least 20 seconds!!  LOL!!


DSC00199 DSC00200

The mechanisms for drawing water into the castle.

DSC00201 DSC00204


The King’s chambers and crown

DSC00206 DSC00207

The Royal Chapel

DSC00209 DSC00212


The dining hall above and a galley slave, below!!  LOL!


DSC00220 DSC00222 DSC00223 DSC00224 DSC00226


The Dover Castle also has 26 meters of Wartime Tunnels underneath the castle, including a hospital.  The tunnels were used in the Rescue and evacuation of troops from Dunkirk in May 1940 and WWII protection of England from the advancing Germans from France.


Leaving Dover Castle, we walked to the Cliffs of Dover.  Below are some of the coastal areas.

DSC00227 DSC00228 DSC00229 DSC00237 Great views from the cliffs!  They are over 5 miles long and yes, we thought we saw a piece of France on the other side of the English Channel!  The cliffs are composed of chalk and accentuated with streaks of black flint.  Quite impressive!

DSC00240 DSC00242 DSC00243

Very enjoyable day and learned a lot of history!!

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