Day 6, Folkestone, England, May 27, 2016

Taking our leave of Greenwich, we hopped a train heading for our next destination, Folkestone, closest we could get to Dover. However, we discovered it did not GO to our destination, but stopped in Dover, then we had to take a bus! The conductor took our tickets and gave us CASH back for the transfer!  NEVER would have thought that would happen!!  Below is the hotel in Folkestone, that we stayed in (supposed to be shaped like a ship!).  NOTICE the water and the boats FLOATING!!




BELOW is the result of their tide changes in the time it took us to walk to and from dinner, so this can occur EVERY 12 hours!!  We were flabbergasted!!  IF I looked out and saw our boat like that, I would be hysterical!!  AND since she only has one keel, she would not be standing up, but lying on her side!  (And of course, the mud would be nasty!!)

DSC00156 DSC00157 DSC00158 DSC00159


Couldn’t resist!  Guess the little one was looking for his mommy!!  LOL!


Above and below is the oldest church in Folkestone, the parish church of St Mary and St Eanswythe (an Anglo Saxon princess, daughter of Eadbald, the King of Kent.  She built the first religious house for women in this area).


Then we walked around town, seeing the sights!  This Road of Remembrance is a memorial to those who have served and the poppies are in memory of those who died.


DSC00134 DSC00138 DSC00137 DSC00144


DSC00127 DSC00123

DSC00149 DSC00151 DSC00152


So much more laid back then in London, it was a great break from the bustle of a big town!


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