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I’m not sure how much room for data I have on this site, this topic could take a long time…..

Anyone who has outfitted a boat for full-time cruising realizes what a job this is.  Our boat was very well constructed and has tons of storage space.  That’s literal.  I am absolutely convinced I can stow over 4000 pounds of stores, parts, tools, personal belongings, etc. in the huge lockers we have.  The only problem we have is that we STILL have more stuff than storage space.  When we sold the house, we kept thinking of all that nice space onboard a 49 foot boat, and how we wanted to keep whatever it was we were looking at at the time.  The result is, we kept too much stuff.

So we are still winnowing our possessions, and stowing things in places we hope to remember so we can find them some day.

Orontes 2 came with a huge locker amidships that housed a combination washer/dryer.  The unit did not work, so we removed it to free up a great area for storage.  Steve is currently adding drawers for food and tool storage in this area.

I’ll come back to this and update it later.  Right now it’s time to get back to work!


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