Day 4, Greenwich, England, May 25

Time to move on!  We took the train to Greenwich and after dropping off luggage, headed right to the National Maritime Museum!  (TRY not to be shocked!)

DSC00028 DSC00030 DSC00031

Figureheads from ships across the years!

DSC00032 DSC00034

Miss Britain III, a 24 foot, 6 inch long racing power boat, 1350 HP engine, which set world record of 110.1 MPH.

DSC00036DSC00037IMG_0369 IMG_0367 IMG_0363

Greg and Deneen!!  NO Mantus anchors here!!  LOL!


Then on to the Royal Observatory, which is of course on top of the highest point around!!!

DSC00054 This is the home of British astronomy, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, the mean solar time at 0 degrees longitude) and the Prime Meridian line, where straddling it means you have one foot in each hemisphere!




DSC00044 DSC00045 DSC00047 DSC00048


One of the many telescopes in the exhibition area, and the UK’s largest refracting telescope.



Dolphin sundial at Royal Observatory.


View from the top of the complex!  Royal buildings in foreground, then the Thames River, then London.  The pyramid capped building is the Canary Wharf Tower.


Walking the area, we found the “First Shop in the World”, longitude 00’00.4″W.  Guess no one challenged them on the eastern side!!  LOL!  Tons of nautical stuff!


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