Relaxing in Corpus Christi – Finally!


Man, being retired is a lot of work.

Since our going away party, we have had a huge garage sale, given a lot of things to Cory and Christy, packed up the remainder, sold the house, and moved on board our boat.  That took a lot less effort to type than to accomplish.

For those that are interested, I did not get my TR6 completely reassembled, but I got close.  I actually DROVE it to some dear friends’ house (Chris and Mark Jameson) to store it until we return in May.  It was great to actually drive the car again!

After leaving Fort Worth and arriving at our boat and new home, we spent a few days getting her ready for a trip down the Texas coast.  We sailed about 200 nautical miles in an overnight passage to Port Aransas, Texas where we met up with Bob, Julie, Ed, and Cindy for a rendezvous.  They had sailed down on Saturday, the day after we got to our boat.  Since we had things to do to get ready, they got there several days before us.  We hung out for a couple days until they had to return for work.  Laura and I then brought the boat on over to Corpus Christi, which is about a 3-1/2 hour sail due west.

The Corpus Christi Marina is very nice.  Good security on the docks, great bathhouse, free wi-fi in the club lounge (where I am sitting in air-conditioned comfort), and located right downtown.  We walked to the cathedral this morning for Mass, which was really nice.  The traditional choir was very impressive, and the pipe organ really filled the cathedral with sound.  The cathedral is beautiful.

The weather is a little unsettled right now, so we plan to stay here for several days.  We will see some of the sights in Corpus Christi, probably visit the USS Lexington aircraft carrier, and try to relax and enjoy ourselves.  While I am sitting here in air conditioned comfort, Laura is on deck doing some sewing repair on the mainsail.  Then she will do some boat cleaning and then start cooking dinner.  There are always things that need to be done!  Did I mention I am sitting here in air conditioned comfort?

Steve (Sunday April 27)

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