Tall Ships Race 2016

This year’s Tall Ships Race started in Antwerp, Belgium, on July 7th and will end in Cadiz, Spain on July 31st. ¬†We were lucky to join in the festivities on July 23rd while they were docked on Tagus, River, Lisbon and then watched them leave on July 25th for their next sail to Cadiz.

Below are some of our pictures:DSC02117Above is Norway’s 97 meter Barque, built in 1914.DSC02118Above is Italy’s 102 meter Ship, built in 1931, as proudly stated below!DSC02120 DSC02133Above is Mexico’s 89.7 meter Barque, built 1982.DSC02138Above and below are pictures of Venezuela’s Barque, which we toured.DSC02140 DSC02141 DSC02143

We had a great day!!


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