Palace of Versailles, March 19, 2016

DSC08957 The train that took us to Versailles, 6.5 euros round trip ($7.40) for 30-40 minute ride, southwest of Paris.DSC08961

The entrance to the Royal Courtyard, with the Chateau starting under the French flag in the background.


Louis XIV, the Sun King, greets you out front.  He reigned 1643 to 1715, (72 years, being crowned as a child in the first Royal Palace, now the Louvre) and is considered one of Europe’s greatest kings, building Versailles and French dominance.  He is known as a true embodiment of the absolute monarch and a true Renaissance man.


The Royal Chapel has the cross on top at the right.  Below are 2 interior pictures.




The room of Royal Portraits and below the hall of Royal Sculptures



A rendition of the Palace in the past and below a huge canvas of the Washing of Jesus’ feet.

DSC08981 DSC08982

The Ceiling in the Venus room


The Mercury room (above and below), one of the King’s bedrooms, but mostly where he held court with his nobles.



Steve inspired by something in the War Room.


Steve in the Hall of Mirrors.  The hall is 250 ft long, with 17 arched mirrors and windows,  24 gilded candelabra, numerous statues and  8 busts of Roman emperors.



Overlooking the Grand Canal from the Hall of Mirrors


The goddess, Diana.  Steve actually recognized this from past studies.

DSC09001 DSC09004

King Louis XIV’s bedroom, which is at the exact center of the building overlooking the main courtyard (see below), and the center of the palace.

DSC09006 DSC09007

Elaborate stairwells throughout the palace.

DSC09010 DSC09011

The View overlooking the Gardens from the Chateau.  At this point, we walked outside to tour the Gardens and then the Grand Trianon.



We walked past the Apollo Fountain, one of the original 1500 fountains with only 300 remaining, to the Grand Trianon, built as a getaway for King Louis XIV and his mistress (see below).



Steve walking in the open-air colonnade (Peristyle) of pink marble and tiled floors, that connects the wings of the Trianon and overlooks more gardens.  Thousands of potted plants surrounded this area and were changed daily so Louis XIV could view a different setting every day.


Above is the Mirrors Salon, with a view over the Grand Canal, which was the meeting room for Louis XIV and his Council.


Above and below is the Bedroom of the Empress, including Corinthian columns and carved wood panelings.



The Billiard’s Room


Gorgeous marble slabs in Round Salon, relaid by General de Gaulle during the restoration of the palace.


Ornate urns and Candelabra on table in the Emperor’s Family Drawing Room.


The Cotelle Gallery was built to shelter the Trianon from the rigors of winter with 11 French windows on the southside and only 5 on the northern side.  It housed 24 paintings depicting the gardens of Versailles and the Trianon.  In World War I, the peace treaty with Hungary was signed here.  We loved seeing our TEXAS star in one of the beautiful wood floors (below)!!  LOL!



This HUGE Malachite bowl, given by Tsar Alexander I of Russia to Napoleon, is the centerpiece of the Malachite Salon, the largest room in the Trianon palace. DSC09048

The Temple of Love was added to the Trianon area gardens by Marie-Antoinette (portrait below).



We then began our walk back to the Chateau, (see below), seeing a crewing team on the Grand Canal (above) and lots of bikers and others touring the Gardens.



Views above and below of Latona’s Fountain in front of the Palace.



Very detailed landscaping and extensive varieties.  Am sure this is beautiful later in the year when more things are flowering and green!


And the gates of gold to protect Versailles!  Very elaborate and ornate!  GOOD VISIT!!

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  1. the pictures are great…you did really good taking them.

    I can’t believe they are so beautiful have lasted so long.

    thanks for sending them

    hugs Mom and Dad

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