The Louvre, Paris, March 18 & 20, 2016

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The glass Pyramid in the central courtyard is one of the main entrances to the Louvre.


The Louvre!  AWESOME and HUGE!!  Built in the 12th century, the buildings started as a fortress, became the residence of the Kings of France and the museum in 1793.  There are 4 floors, displaying over 30,000 works of Western Art, Middle Ages to 1848, ancient civilizations and the Islamic world.  We almost finished 1 floor and part of some of the sculptures.  Here are some of our favorites!


Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Virgin and Child with St. Anne”, 1510.


Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci


The Crown Jewels


Winged Victory of Samothrace, 190 B.C., commemorates a naval victory.  The sculpture is known for its feeling of great energy and of motion.


The Coronation of Napoleon, by Jacques-Louis David, (1806-07), is the largest canvas in the Louvre.  The story of this work, is that Napoleon has just crowned his empress, Josephine, on her knees at his feet.  To the left of Napoleon in gold is the pope, who journeyed from Rome to crown Napoleon, but at the last moment, Napoleon grabbed the crown, holds it up for all to see, then crowned himself, as no one else was worthy.  The artist also painted himself and Napoleon’s mother in the picture!




Two of the many elaborate ceilings in the Louvre




Egyptian art


Venus de Milo, 2nd century B.C., from the Greek island of Melos, felt to be a harmonious balance of opposites, orbiting around a vertical axis.  The perfect goddess showing movement in her positioning.

DSC09190    DSC09189

Human-headed Winged Bulls, about 4 meters high, were “protective genies”, used as guardians at gates and doorways, but also bore the weight of the arch.  They decorated Assyrian palaces about 700 B.C.  They make Steve look small!  DSC09198



The Nativity scene


“Lady Liberty”, by Eugene Delacroix, symbolizes the French Revolution, the uprising of the commoners leading to democracy,  and the motto of France which is “Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood” (Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’) for all.


Art above a walkway

DSC08930 DSC08932 DSC08937 DSC09186 DSC09188 DSC09191 DSC09200 DSC09202

The spiral staircase at the entrance to the different floors and the popular meeting place to meet up with family and friends.  This was truly a wonderful cultural experience!

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