It’s not all work…

We have been doing a lot of boat work, but sometimes you need a break.  Tonight was a full moon, and we decided it would be a great evening to go out for a sunset/moonrise sail with friends.  We invited Ed, Cindy, Bob, and Julie to come with us (the same group that made the Spring Fling trip to Port Aransas), and we went out for a really nice evening sail.  The weather was perfect – 10-15 knots of wind and only scattered clouds.

We met at our boat at 6:00 and soon cast off.  Laura had prepared guacamole (one of her specialties and my favorites) and fajita quesadillas.  She really laid out a good spread for our guests.  The guys let go the dock lines while the ladies finished cooking down below.  We left around 6:15 and got out of the Clear Lake Channel well before sunset.  Laura was busy supervising the galley proceedings and getting dinner ready while the guys were watching the dolphins swimming around the port side of the boat.  It was one of the best dolphin sightings we had seen in Galveston Bay.  We had 8-10 dolphins swimming around us at any given time, only 25 feet off our side.  It was great!  And yes, Laura got to see the dolphins!

We sat in the water eating dinner and watching the dolphins for about half an hour.  We then raised sail for a great relaxing sunset.  The sunset on the water was beautiful, with just enough clouds on the horizon to add character to the setting sun.  We slowly sailed around the bay waiting for the moon rise, and it did not disappoint us.  There were some low clouds on the horizon, so the moon started as a huge red crescent and proceeded to rise, growing impossibly large as it did so.  The color slowly brightened from deep red, through burnt orange, to pale white.  Once fully risen, it was incredibly bright, reflecting off of the water.  We sat and watched it while sailing along.

We continued to sail until around 9:00 when it was time to head back to the dock.  Our non-retired guests had to go to bed for an early Wednesday morning.  We came in with no problems, if you don’t count the time I got forward and reverse mixed up while docking, causing a minor ruckus and a few near heart attacks.  No damage done to the boat, but Bob may have pulled a muscle as he was skidding across the dock trying to stop us.  It looked like he was water skiing, holding onto a dock line and being pulled along.  Stopping a 50,000 pound boat is not easy!  After this little excitement, we were tied up in the dock by 9:30, then Laura and I enjoyed cool showers and after sail drinks in the salon.

All in all, a wonderful evening.  THIS is why we retired early.

2 thoughts on “It’s not all work…

  1. We really enjoy your verbiage. Your dad always said that you were an engineer but you write like an English major. Good enjoyable reading.
    We are both envious of your “adventure” and being able to live your dream. Sharing your dream is awesome. God bless you and your family.

    • Thank you for the compliments! We appreciate you visiting the site and leaving a reply. And yes, God has blessed us in so many ways!

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