Going Away Party – A lot of fun, but a lot of goodbyes to friends

On April 5 we had our going away party in Aledo.  We had somewhere over 70 people and we had so much fun visiting with friends.  Despite our efforts, some friends could not bear to come without bearing gifts.  Judie and Sheila brought very cute decorated volleyballs (Wilson and Wilsonette) for us to talk to while at sea.  Sheila also brought a very nice bottle of Texas whiskey distilled in Fort Worth that I plan on sampling as soon as Lent is over. Gary brought a really nice bottle of scotch, the Williams’s brought a blessing for the boat, and Jim and Elizabeth a bottle of champagne.  The Sheridans brought us pets for the boat (sea monkeys!).  Tom Moore brought a bracelet with WWTD written on it (What Would Tom DO!!!).  The Speers also brought a nice bottle of wine.  Someone else brought wine, but we missed writing it down, so we owe that person an apology.

Cliff Valentine gave us a very special gift – he wrote a song for us titled “Let’s Sail Away Together”.  I have uploaded it to YouTube, and the link is here http://youtu.be/NzYhD49Q6C0.  And yes, I’m wearing a captain’s hat my brother David bought me for Christmas a few years back.

Our daughter Christy recorded this on her iPhone.  She and everyone else there was so surprised that I was actually singing that she missed the first few seconds while getting her phone out.  Ken Mican played bass and Edmund Gutierez played drums.  Thank goodness Cliff sings so well that he covered for me.  We were very touched with the song and them playing it for us.

The party was so much fun!  Lots of friends and neighbors that we are going to miss!

Steve (April 13, 2014)

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