Trip to Paris, Eiffel Tower, March 17, 2016

Being back in Portugal makes us appreciate the ability to see other countries close by, so Steve graciously offered to take me to Paris for a late birthday present!  Never thought I would get there, so I was delighted to finally see places I had only read and heard about!

We stayed near the Eiffel Tower, so that was our first attraction to visit!  The Eiffel Tower was built in 2 years, 2 months, as a showpiece for the 1889 World’s Fair by Gustave Eiffel (designed, built, and financed by him).  The Tower is massive, standing 1063 feet tall (77 stories), covering 3.5 acres and has 7300 tons of metal.  It is 360 stairs to first level, 360 stairs to second level, and elevator only to the top.  Of course, we walked to the 2nd level!! It is repainted every 7 years by hand, taking 25 full-time painters 18 months to apply 60 tons of paint.

DSC08788 DSC08793

This is the view from the top, looking south over Parc du Champ de Mars.  At the distant end is the Ecole Militaire (Military School), the Y-shaped UNESCO building and the 689 foot Montparnasse Tower skyscraper.


This view, looking north, shows the Seine River with cruising river barges and the Pont D’iena (bridge).  The bridge leads to Trocadero Gardens and a huge fountain.  The curved building on the right is Architecture and Monuments Museum, while on the left is the Maritime Museum.  Buildings of Paris are in the background.


Steve with east view of Paris behind him, including Seine River.


On uppermost level!  Paris is for romantics!


Back at ground level, looking up into the Tower.



Steve at ground level with one of massive pillars of Eiffel Tower behind him!

DSC09211 DSC09214

One of the best parts of the trip!  More to follow!

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