Making more progress

Last week was very productive for boat work.  There was lots of bad weather all around us, but most of the storms seemed to stay to the east or west of us so we didn’t get a lot of rain.  Therefore, we didn’t get slowed down on our projects.

We are almost done with the holding tank installation.  I routed the hoses under our berth (and found Laura’s pillow in the process), drilled new holes in the bow for the holding tank vents, and ran the wiring for the macerator pump and level sensor halfway back to the nav station where they will eventually end up.

We have finished the drawers in the pantry, which greatly improved storage.  I will try to get a good photo to post.  My first attempt didn’t work so well.  The pantry is in a narrow “hallway” between the salon and our cabin, and I wasn’t able to get a good angle that showed the drawers.  Despite my shortcomings as a photographer, we are very happy to have the drawers completed.

We go back to Fort Worth this week for doctor’s appointments and to visit friends.  We are looking forward to a few days off to relax!

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