Website Updates

While Cory was here we sat down and figured out a few things.  First, I added a LINKS page.  The first link is to our good friend Charlie Springer’s site on University of Louisville athletics.  As a U of L alum, I check Charlie’s site every day to read up on all the latest sports news on the Cardinals.

We also found a good way to load the letters we wrote while cruising back in 1997-1998.  These are located on the page dedicated to that first cruise.  Reading these reminded me of the places we went, people we met, and experiences we had while cruising for that year.

One thought on “Website Updates

  1. Thanks for the plug, Steve. I enjoy your blog very much, and am learning about the nautical world. I watched the Redford movie last night and thought about you guys. I hope you have the same or better supplies.

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