Oceanário, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2015

As part of a day trip to Lisbon, we toured the Parque das Nacoes, (Park of Nations), site of the 1998 World Exposition.

Parts of the highlights of this trip were sharing our day with our friend, Elisa (college freshman from Azores), and seeing the Oceanarium, which we loved!  The huge aquarium highlights fish from 4 oceans (Pacific, North Atlantic, Indian and Antarctic) and is the largest public aquarium in Europe with 8000 organisms from 500 species.

DSC08306 DSC08307 DSC08310



Above and below:  The Ocean Sunfish, found in temperate waters around the globe, is the heaviest known bony fish in the world.  Its average weight is between 545-2200 pounds.  It resembles a fish head with a tail, often seen floating on the surface and looks like a floating rock!  Their diet is mainly large amounts of jellyfish.


DSC08347 DSC08355

“Dory”:  blue tang



“Nemo”:  clown fish



Southern Rockhopper penguin


Devil fish or giant devil ray is an endangered eagle ray, which can grow to 17 feet.


Otter on his back DSC08358

Blackspotted puffer


Guitar shark




View of eastside of Lisbon, from the Aquarium.

This was an awesome side trip in Lisbon!

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