Palermo, Italy, August 13, 2017

Walking around Palermo with Steve’s brother’s family, David, Tamra, Tanner and Trent!  Many interesting places to see!  Below is Church of St. Cataldo,  markets on the street (guarded by the “Lion Dog”, which we saw in the same spot guarding the store every time we passed!!), and interesting monuments!


Below are pictures of Palazzo Reale, palace of the Kings of Sicily and nearby botanical garden which was a wonderful  walk.

Below are 3 pictures of Chiesa di San Domenico, a baroque Church of Saint Dominic, built 1640-1726 with beautiful Italian marble.

Above is Massimo Theater, opera and concert hall.  Below is Tamra in the cold Tyrrhennian Sea waters off Palermo, Sicily!

Had a great day with David, Tamra, Tanner and Trent!




Palermo, August 12, 2016

Again, we had delicious croissants at our B&B, then started walking again to check out the best sites to share with Dave, Tamra, Tanner and Trent, whom arrive late tonight!  Below are some churches/museums we passed in Palermo.

Above is the Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti (Church of St John), built with 3 domes and cubic forms with Oriental and Arabic architecture.

Above and below shows the fountain and buildings surrounding Piazza Pretoria.  Beautiful plaza!

Next we walked through the Quattro Canti (Baroque, octagonal square with 4 fountains topped by statues in niches on each building facade facing the intersection)!  VERY interesting!

We then walked to the Cathedral of Palermo!  Beautiful with incredible combination of architectural styles since it was started in 1185.  Even took a tour to the top of the roofs!  The views of the city were incredible!

Then to the interior of the cathedral!  Beautiful altars and “treasury from the past”.

Then of course, to end our day, we treated ourselves to delicious gelato!!!