Day 10, Bath, England, May 31, 2016

From Stonehenge, we drove to Bath, Somerset county, England.                                Today we began our exploration of Bath!  Our first stop was for Steve’s morning coffee, so this church, refurbished into a tourist area caught our attention.  I took pictures while he drank cappuccino!

DSC00357 DSC00358 DSC00359DSC00365

Pulteney Bridge, (below), built in 18th century over the Avon River, is also a shopping arcade (above).

DSC00433 DSC00371DSC00373DSC00367

Views of Bath Abbey from across the Avon River.

DSC00368 DSC00376

Above is Royal Victoria Park, opened in 1830 by the 11 year old Princess Victoria, the first park to carry her name.  It covers 57 acres (23 hectares).


Sights along our walk!

DSC00412 DSC00411 DSC00394DSC00380 DSC00428DSC00381DSC00413DSC00425

Below is the Bath Abbey, a parish church, once a monastery church, founded in the 7th century, but demolished in 1499 and replaced with this present Abbey.

DSC00383 DSC00430DSC00417 DSC00419 DSC00420

The ceiling shows fan vaulting over the nave of Bath Abbey (above and below).  Beautiful work!

DSC00418DSC00416DSC00424DSC00423 DSC00422DSC00427

The angels going up or falling down the steps on the front of Bath Abbey!


The Roman Baths, began around 60 AD with a shrine, identified by the Britons as AQUAE SULIS (“the waters of Sulis”), have both hot and cold springs, which were used for bathing and medicinal care throughout the years.  The Bath springs are considered the only hot springs in the United Kingdom.  The Romans identified Sulis with the goddess, Minerva.  Below shows one of the pools with the entire structure above the base of the pillars built much later and not in the Roman days.

DSC00388 DSC00391DSC00395

Steve on the terrace overlooking the Roman bath pool, with a side view of Bath Abbey in the background.

DSC00405 DSC00396DSC00407 DSC00404DSC00403 DSC00399DSC00397DSC00398DSC00401

An interesting stop on our way around England!!