Day 5, Greenwich, England, May 26th, 2016

What better way to celebrate our anniversary then visiting the Cutty Sark, the world’s sole surviving tea clipper, weighing 963 tons.  Built in 1869 to carry tea back from China, she visited many major ports in the world and set record-breaking passage times.

DSC00057 DSC00059 DSC00060 DSC00063

She was methodically loaded to carry the maximum amount of cargo back and forth across the seas!


My hand trying to show the size of the chain links!

DSC00066 DSC00067

Guess Steve got his sailing skills honestly!!

DSC00068 DSC00069

DSC00071 DSC00072

Cannot imagine doing work on the miles of rigging on this clipper ship!!


Overlooking the Thames River.


DSC00077 DSC00080

Numerous figureheads from the bows of ships over the years!  Below is the Cutty Sark’s.



The Cuttyonline casino NBSO Sark and her keel below the water line!



One of the anchors is behind (aft) of the name above.

DSC00095DSC00122 DSC00116

Steve (of course) liked the title of this gym!  I’ll take the Jaguar!  LOL!


We then passed through the gate of The Old Royal Naval College of Greenwich.



Above and Below are the Painted Hall in King William’s Court.

DSC00099 DSC00105

Below, we enjoyed watching sunset over the Thames.

DSC00115DSC00114 DSC00118 DSC00121 IMG_0371

We had a great day celebrating our 37th!  Our toast to many more adventures together!

Marina Smir, Morocco, October 10-14, 2016

Yes, we are out of order for blog postings on our adventure, but decided to try and show you where we are NOW!   This is Marina Smir about 25 miles south of Gibraltar.  Very slow pace as summer season is over, so lots of places closed, especially close to marina.  Markets are about 4-6 miles away.  DSC04521DSC04522IMG_1249

Our first sunrise in Morocco, as seen from the cockpit.


One of the tour guides told us this was a “Moroccan Taxi”!!  Maybe so, but she did not like to be petted!!


Tall ship on the left is from Sweden, traveling the Med with a group of teenagers doing classes and studies on board.  The wooden trawler in front looks to be a restaurant, but not functioning at present.  The marina office is in background.


Moroccan flags welcome us to the beach to the southern side of the marina, so took a walk, of course!

DSC04513 DSC04514 DSC04515

Took a taxi to Tetuoan, Morocco with Ahmed, our guide.  Next pictures are sights along the road.

DSC04527 DSC04528 DSC04531

DSC04530 DSC04583

Sign on a gas station!


Entrance to a new grand hotel being built between Smir and Tetuoan.  Below are pictures of our walking tour of Tetuoan.

DSC04533 DSC04534 DSC04535

Above and below describes this gate.

DSC04536 DSC04537 DSC04539 DSC04542 DSC04544

DSC04541 DSC04546 DSC04548


Above and below are tannery pictures for preparing animal hides (dirty and smelly work!)




Standing on the walls built around the city.  Above overlooks a huge cemetery outside the walls and below, the wall protecting those homes inside.


Below are pictures of the market (medina) in Tetuoan!

DSC04559 DSC04560 DSC04561 DSC04562 DSC04563

Can’t get much fresher than this!!



OVERALL, a very good experience!!  Now on to Marina Saidia.