Our living location for now!!

As we are preparing for the mast to FINALLY be reinstalled, it occurred to me, we should show some pictures of our living arrangements, so here goes!


This is Orontes II sitting in Centro Nautico de Alges, the boatyard which is in a suburb right outside of Lisbon, on  the Tagus River.  She has been patiently sitting here since end of November 2015!!  Again, the ladder is 11 feet tall, so Steve likes to call her our “treehouse”, right now!  Below our sightings of different boats from our deck!


Above is one of the Portuguese naval vessels and one of the Portuguese tall ships (also seen below).

DSC09594 DSC09596 DSC09599

Another Portuguese tall ship, above.


Portuguese submarine!



Lots of sailboats beyond the “Leaning Tower of Lisbon” (actually built like that as a training school for mariners).  We just use it as our landmark as this is next to the boatyard, on our east side.


The view of our “Front Yard”, looking easterly, towards Lisbon.  Yes, we walk the beach occasionally, but the water is COLD!!  Portuguese swimmers are much tougher than us!


One of the sunsets from our boat with a freighter leaving for the Atlantic Ocean, caught in the sun!