Pompidou, Paris, March 21, 2016

Well, we tried a lot of Art Museums, trying to improve our cultural IQ, but must admit, Modern Art does not appear to be one of our favorites!  YES, we like some of it, but Pompidou Museum only held our attention about 2 hours.  The exhibits we saw had some very dark works and most did not appeal to us!   We will keep trying!!  LOL!!  Below is the external architecture and art of the Pompidou Museum.  We thought VERY creative and unusual!

DSC09258 DSC09259

Above and below are pieces of art in a plaza beside the museum.



Above is the plaza and entrance to the museum.DSC09265

Above and below are pieces I enjoyed!



One of the few Pablo Picasso’s in their exhibits.  (We tried to get in the Pablo Picasso Museum, but it was closed!!)


Of course, no visit to Paris is complete without a mime, so here is Steve and the mime we saw on our walk to Versailles!

We enjoyed our stay in Paris and look forward to more sightseeing on our adventure in Europe!