Last day under Fortress of Sao Sebastian, Oct. 23, 2015








Orontes II has been under the walls of this fortress since August 3rd!!  Hard to believe!! Orontes II has been our refuge and our impetus in getting lots of boat work done, while we have been hauled out of the water.  The ladder is 11 feet tall, so it is almost a treehouse!!  (AND the reason I hope we have few to no stairs in any future houses!)


Another side of Sao Sebastian with huge anchor and below her appearance at night!


We have finally installed the repaired gear box, prop shaft, motor mounts and new Max Prop Propeller (see below).  We are ready for the water!!  If all goes well, we will be back in a marina slip tomorrow afternoon!!  YEAH!!!


Outskirts of Tangier, Morocco


Cape Spartel:  the designated promontory in Morocco 1000 feet above sea level at the west entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar.  Further down south from the Cape are the Caves of Hercules, but they were closed for construction.

We went down the coast to Achakkar Plaqe (Beach), where Christy and I petted camels and then walked the beach.


DSC07430 DSC07434

While we walked Steve decided to ride a camel for 3 euros (about $3.50).



This is us overlooking the Atlantic ocean.