Day of relaxing in French Quarter New Orleans

While the marina was working hard on painting Orontes II, April 22nd, we were banned from being on our boat!

We took the day off to explore the French Quarter area, so walked the river, toured the Farmers Market, hiked down Bourbon, Royal, Orleans, Toulouse and Decatur streets.  We enjoyed the art and music, especially in Jackson Square.  We prayed for our families and friends and for safe passage at St. Louis Cathedral.  We ate Cajun food, drank at Pat O’Brien’s and a few other bars, visited the Aquarium and enjoyed an IMAX movie on Humpback whales.  It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and people to watch!


New Orleans balcony                            St Louis Cathedral sanctuary


BBQ Shrimp                                            Captain Steve at Pat O’Brien’s


Seahorses                                                Cownose rays

photo-40Penguins in Aquarium!  We are not THAT far off course, YET!!

photo-42New Orleans street band, very good!

Painting process for Orontes II

After estimates and insurance assessments, weather has been a big factor in painting Orontes II.  Storms are expected over the next few days, so hopefully resolve soon!

photo-31After sanding and preparing rough the hull.

photo-30Steve standing next to our had been painted 3 times, April 22, then sand and grit blown in after hours and Thursday, April 23rd, painters had to resand and begin process to redo painting as surface was too gritty and rough.  By 11:30 am, they were almost ready to paint and rainstorms moved in to delay us until tomorrow!!

The saga continues!

Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) Passage


Greetings family and friends!
Steve has finally allowed me to write on the blog!
We started our ICW passage on March 28th, leaving Galveston Bay behind.
It is a steady riverlike passage with numerous barges to pass, lowland marshes, flatlands and full cypress-lined areas. Some beautiful areas, some fairly boring, but it kept us out of the high winds and seas in the Gulf.
We anchored every night in a place off the ICW, shared our dinner meal, planned for the next part of our trip, then slept.  We motored the entire way and had to manage bridge heights and locks for change in water depths, current, and shallow banks.  We definitely did not think we would be in the ICW for such a long stay, but at least we are safe.DSC06045
Wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures.DSC06056


God bless you all and keep us in your prayers!  Love and hugs from Louisiana!


Anchored Bayou Black, LA

Happy Easter!

Well I guess I just never thought about it. We have not had wifi coverage since we left the marina, so my MacBook has had no internet access. I never even considered using Laura ‘s iPad to do blog updates, until I had an epiphany yesterday.  So, as long as we have cell coverage, I can continue updates.

We have been underway a little over a week now, making our way along the ICW from Texas to Louisiana. We passed through Morgan City and anchored a few miles later in Bayou Black.  Our plan was to wait here while a cold front (wind out of the north) blew through, and then continue to Florida on Monday.

This is a real pretty area, lined with trees and lots of wildlife. It just has not been kind to us.  While sitting here at anchor yesterday morning, that north wind blew a spud barge down on top of us.  It hit us pretty hard, initially on the port (left) side.  It then cartwheeled around the bow and hit the starboard side. It scraped all the way down to the stern while we tried to use fenders to keep it off the hull.  There is no apparent structural damage, but most of our boat needs to be painted. I am very happy to be a steel boat!

We called the Coast Guard and a passing tow boat relayed the message to his home office, who then called the dredging company who owned this barge.  A company rep came aboard to see the damage, take pictures, and give us contact info for the office that will handle our claim.  He w helpful and friendly, but made it clear that the folks we will be dealing with are in Risk Management.  His part would be finished after he turned in his report.  We will call them tomorrow and get this process started.

Until then, we are sitting at anchor, enjoying a quiet evening.  The genset is charging the batteries and making hot water for showers tonight. After I publish this update I will sit back with a drink and read a chapter or two of “A Game of Thrones”. This has been a good book so far and I am enjoying the chance to actually sit and read.  We have pork chops ready for me to grill for our Easter Dinner tonight.

Thanks for reading, and God bless you this Easter!