New Sails and furlers!

Edit – upon reading this, I realized not everyone knows what a “furler” is.  My Mac certainly doesn’t.  It keeps wanting to change it to “furrier”, a word I’m not sure I’ve ever used in my life.  The furler, or also called a “roller furler”, rolls up the genoa and the staysail very similar to the way a window shade rolls up.  This makes it very easy to stow the sails when not using them.  Instead on having to drop the sails, fold them up, and stow them, you can simply roll them up by pulling on a line that leads back to the safety of the cockpit.  This is really handy when offshore or in poor weather. – End Edit

We are finally coming to the end of a major part of our refit.  We replaced both of our old Profurl furlers (staysail and genoa) with new Schaefer units.  They are very robust and built to take the marine environment.  We replaced the headstay at the same time.  The staysail stay was replaced two years ago and is in very good shape.  Thanks to Stix “N Rig’n of Kemah which supplied the furlers, ancillary equipment, and a lot of advice!

C&C Sailmakers in Houston built us a new mainsail and staysail.  Both look really good and we are anxious to try them out.  While doing this work, we also replaced staysail sheets and halyard, the mainsheet, outhaul, and mainsail reefing lines.

With new sails and furlers, our sail plan is just about ready.  This was a big project that we are glad to get completed!

Settling into life aboard

So we have sold our house and moved aboard.  We are getting to know our dock neighbors better and feeling more at home.  One thing that really helps is having a comfortable bed.  Last year we had new custom mattresses made that fit our berths and are thick and comfy.  They are so much b ether than the four-inch thin worn out mattresses we had before!

We continue to stow things and thin out belongings that we no longer need.  Yesterday Laura found several pieces of mesh and canvas that were made to fit an earlier version of our cockpit shade (called a “bimini”).  We had no use for these, so off to the trash they go. For once, we actually REMOVED ten pounds from the boat!

Our gifts to each other have probably taken a different turn than most people.  For Mother’s Day, Laura got a shiny new 22 inch LCD TV and DVD combo.  It is mounted up on a bulkhead in the salon so we can watch movies at night. It is also 12 Volts, so it runs on ship’s batteries instead of shore power.  She was thrilled, as you can see below.

Laura with TV


For our anniversary (35 years!) Steve surprised Laura with a Wi-fi antenna and booster.   Since we have a steel boat the wi-fi signal here in the marina just can’t find its way down below.  We could get an internet connection sitting outside in the cockpit, but it was just so-so. On hot or rainy days, it was miserable.  Now I can sit at our salon table in air conditioned comfort typing away and drinking this really tasty coffee my daughter got me for Father’s Day.  It is a great improvement!  For the boaters out there, I purchased the Groove router through Island Time PC.  Great service and I highly recommend them.

The careful observer may have noted an increase in the frequency we are updating this blog.  This is directly tied to the wi-fi booster being installed and the fact we now have a much better internet connection.  Did I mention the part about sitting at the table drinking coffee?